Timing is Everything

This time last year Christian and I were house-hunting. We were looking for something older, in the Dade City area, with a big back yard and lenient HOA (I wanted chickens!). This became a fun, educating experience, but searching for a home was also our way of giving-up. We’d been married for almost five years, and it felt like God was keeping us in a holding pattern; circling our dreams but never landing.

Christian and I have always felt called to an adventure. We wanted to move out of Tampa, or even live somewhere internationally. We had already traveled to Thailand on a short trip, but God hadn’t revealed where that particular road would lead. Our restlessness was mounting, and I was overwhelmingly dissatisfied with my job. We wanted to move far away and live out the adventure that was tugging at our souls, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to make that decision selfishly. If God wasn’t calling us to move, then we weren’t going to move. On top of that, God kept opening up more and more serving opportunities in our own community, through our amazing church Cypress Point. It seemed like God was fit to keep us in Tampa forever.  Even though this wasn’t our favorite outcome, we were excited in knowing that God was still using us in some capacity.  We knew that He was planning great things through our church, and we couldn’t wait to be a part of it!  Yet, the distant call of adventure still lingered all the time; we wondered when we would be able to set our feet to that path. Even so, we went house-hunting.

After much searching, we found a great house and went into contract quickly. At the time, we were a few weeks away from our second short term mission trip to Thailand. The inspection period began, and as it turned out, our perfect, little yellow house on 10th Street was full of termite damage.  We got out of the contract, but the seller generously offered to fix everything the termites destroyed.  Our flight to Thailand was a week away now.  We were busy with all the preparations, and we couldn’t rush into such a big decision.  So we let the house go and at the end of the week we were on a plane to Bangkok.

This is where the story changes. As soon as I set my feet in Thai soil again, I felt as though I had landed exactly where God wanted me to be. Peace and comfort washed over us and it could only be described as a homecoming.  We traveled with our team of Cypress Pointers to the Village of Hope, and spent the week serving the most amazing group of pastors, their wives and other church leaders.  These brave souls had traveled into Thailand from Laos to meet our team and receive the support and service we carefully crafted on their behalf.  The entire week was simply amazing. In no time at all, the burden of anxiety about my future had fluttered off my shoulders.  What about my life back home?  I didn’t think twice about it.  What would become of the little, yellow house on 10th Street? It didn’t matter.  When would I be able to live the adventure that had always called out to me?  Soon!  By the end of the week, Christian and I were certain that serving in Thailand had been permanently stitched into our beings.  Our hearts were bursting with energy; an energy that was stored up for just the right time.

Five years ago, God knew that Christian and I were ready to fly away in any direction that would take us, but what I didn’t know was that our adventure wasn’t quite ready for us.  Waiting on God’s voice was not easy for me.  I am impulsive and head-strong.  If something feels out of place in my life, I work immediately to resolve it.  I don’t like to feel as though my time is being wasted, and I have a lot of anxiety about squandering my potential.  These emotions sometimes make me desperate and reactionary.  But that’s why God gave me Christian.  He is steady and patient.  He convinced me daily to wait on God’s timing and not give in to my fears.

So here we are…one week away from a flight into our second home.  We’re standing in front of the door of adventure, with our hands gripping the knob.  As I write this I am surrounded by boxes and suitcases; there’s still a lot of prep left to accomplish.  A tempest of emotions swirls within me.  Will I miss my family and friends? Yes.  Will I miss my precious pets? Yes.  Will this journey put my own personal and creative goals on hold?  Probably.  Am I afraid? No.  My life with Jesus has taught me over and over that God is faithful.  He created each of us with a specific goal in mind, and He put desires, skills and passions within us.  If you let Him, Jesus will help you accomplish all that He has entrusted you to do.  Sometimes our hearts are ready before the path has been paved.  Take my advice: be still and listen closely.  Your adventure is unique to you, and it will find you in God’s timing.

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