Special instructions

All of our financial support is channeled through our sending church: Cypress Point, where we have our own Mission Fund account.  This link will direct you to Cypress Point Community Church's giving page. Click "Give Now" and write "Faugl Mission" in the notes when you donate, and email us if your gift will be recurring monthly.  All online payments are safe and secure, but if you prefer to give via check you can email us for further instructions.

As always, we have a complete open-book policy.  If you have any questions about how exactly your funds are spent, or what our needs currently are, please contact us directly.

Thank you for your support!

A note from Christian:

The needs in Northern Thailand and Laos are great.  Sometimes it seems like one person couldn't possibly make a difference.  But God doesn't call us to take all of the evil in the world head on.  He puts people in our path who need hope and love, and asks us to bring light into their lives.  Your gifts may not change the entire world, but for an orphan, or a Christ Follower in Laos, who feels alone and forgotten--it will make a world of difference.


A note from Georgia:

A dollar is kind of like a seed, with infinite potential.  You can take your dollar to Starbucks and turn it into a cup of coffee; you can take your dollar to AMC and turn it into an hour of entertainment.

But what if you could turn your dollar into something like joy?  Or peace, love and hope?  When you donate your dollars to this mission, they are transformed into something that will last for an eternity. Your dollar becomes a beacon of light that reminds the "least of these" that they are seen and known by God.