It Lives!

The website is live! We’re still working on a number of style items (color, theme, layout, etc.), but the nuts and bolts are in place and we can begin to start sharing our journey here. We also have a Facebook group created, so if you aren’t already a member of that let us know and we can add you.

While in Thailand we’re planning to leverage pictures, videos, journal entries, and other media to stay connected and keep everyone back home updated. This will be a multi-platform effort but we intend for this page to be the central gateway into our daily life overseas. We are limited on hosting space here, so pictures and video will most likely be uploaded to alternate platforms but links will be placed here.

Our departure date is 9AM EST on October 9th, and we will arrive in Chiang Rai for pickup by around midnight the following day (around noon on October 11th in local time). We have plans in place for cellular data service in-country, and we will both have laptops and phones with us. Daily communication will primarily be through WhatsApp, and additionally Skype and Facebook Messenger, so if you want more information about how to use those services to stay in touch let us know.

Thanks for all of the support we’ve received during this journey so far. I know many, including us, feel some sadness for the physical distance that is about to separate us, but the modern miracle of global internet connectivity means we’ll never be more than a text away!

Stay tuned for more updates as we finish this site and roll out the additional features. I expect many updates between now and our departure date.

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