These are some commonly asked questions about our mission and needs.

How can I pray for you?

Please pray for all the Christ Followers in Laos and Thailand--pray for strength and courage to complete the work that God has set before us.  The Nationals and the volunteers from overseas are regularly attacked by the Evil One.  Pray against discouragement!

Please pray for all of the needs associated with this mission.  The reality of this world is that it takes resources to do the work.  It takes time, energy and finances to accomplish any goal.  What better use of these things than moving God's Kingdom forward?

What is your Fundraising Goal?

For our first 12 months in Thailand, we calculated a total goal of $45,000.  This includes all start-up costs, daily expenses, benevolence while there, and the funds to purchase a car.  A full list of expenses and needs can be provided upon request.

What will you be doing at the Village of Hope?

Our day to day service will consist as teachers and caretakers of nearly 300 orphans and students.  We will also help coordinate future serving trips for our sending church, while meeting needs that we perceive in real time.